Panorama and 360 degree photography technique

Panoramic technique

With the the latest software development, the panoramic technique enables to increase the width of an image by stitching together two or many more photographs taken on the same horizontal level and it is ideal to create extra large images for print reproduction such as banner


Twilight view in Paris of the bridge Alexander III and the Eiffel Tower @ 9500 pixel width consisting of two images stitched together

360 degree technique

With the same panoramic stitching technique, based on an extremely accurate horizontal level and steady tripod, 360 degree visuals can be created but this time, with the stiching of 4 to 8 images depending on the focal length and the distortion of the lens itself.

This technique provides the viewers the possibility of visualizing any remote place in all directions, be it indoor or outdoor location. It is a very useful insight to those desiring to create a virtual visit, be it for luxurious resort, villa property, hotel etc.


360 degree technique to create an interactive view all around you